Saturday, August 18, 2007


after a long while mauupdate ko na rin ang blog ko....for my first post after a long while narito ang mga poems na nagawa ko for our creative writing class!!!! 1st one is a poem entirely made of questions, second is a two-liner poem, 3rd is an ABC poem..and ayun!!!


Was it something I didn’t say that made you go away?
Was it something I did not do that made you turn the other way?
Was I too safe by not trying to change our status quo?
What was I waiting for?

Can’t you wait for me just a little bit more?
Or am I too late to make things change?
Why do regrets suddenly rush into my insensitive mind?
Why is there an extreme sorrow that bursts out from my brown eyes?
Why am I frequently haunted of the what might have been?
If I have you, would things be better?
If I have you, would I be happier?
How would I know?
Now that you have drifted far away from here, how would I know?
How would I know?


The Memory of Her

The sweet scent of strawberry seeping from the beautiful contours of her neck;
A warm glittering tear rolled slowly down her rosy cheek.

In A Dark Corner

Alone bemoaning, companionship desired.
Ecstatic feelings, gleefulness, happiness
I just keep looking.
one person quickly.
Rapidly seeking to unload void
Wanting “x”
Yearning Zealously.

Monday, June 11, 2007

so emo poems

i entitled it "So Emo Poems" kasi so emo talaga... nkaenroll kasi ako ngayon sa isang creative writing class and poetry yung tinuturo sa amin.. yung pinagawa sa aming type of poetry is poem entirely made of questions at eto yung mga nagawa ko...alam ko baduy pero gusto ko lang ishare..


What is it that I'm searching for?
Am I searching for something tangible?
Is it money?
Will money guarantee me happiness
If it isn't what will make me happy?
Is it something intangible?
Am i searching for something intangible?
Is is love that i'm looking for?
Will love end my loneliness?
If it isn't, what is it that i'm looking for?
Why am i searching for something I don't know?
Why do i need this anyway?
will it complete me if i find that something?
If someone can complete me,
If someone can make me happy
Am i searching for someone?
Can that someone be you?
Am I searching for you all along?
If indeed it is you,
Should I start discovering you now?


Was is something I didn't say that made you turn away?
Was is something i didn't do that made you go the other way?
Did I wait too long to make a move?
Could you wait for me just a little more?
Could you just give me another day?
Or am I too late to make things change?
Will i live my life now in imagination?
WIll i think of what might could have been?
If I have you would things be better?
If I have you, would I be happier?
How would I know?
Now That You are gone how Would I know?
How would I know?



<.x.> Hi!!! I'm lonely right now can i be your chatmate?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.> Oh Thanks May I know your ASL?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.>May I know your name?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.>May I know your interests?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.>Oh i see.. May i know your cell number?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.>Here is mine. (09xxxxxxxx) do you think we can meet sometime?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.> can we meet tomorrow already at 12 noon?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.> where would we meet?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)
<.x.> Oh i see i would be wearing a blue shirt, what would you be wearing?
<...> (xxxxxxxxxxx)

The following day

<.x.> I was waiting for you there Why did you not come?
<.x.> why are you ignoring me? why don't you reply?
<.x.> I guess that you don't like me. is this the end of it all?
<.x.> Why don't you answer me?
<...> "... Has signed out"
<.x.> I guess she doesn't like me. When will somebody like me?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

sand writing

stig... maganda pala sulat ko sa buhangin... haha.. parang isang masterpiece, isang work of art... the boredom of life makes you want to do something...haha ngayon wala lang talaga akong magawa...................

itaga mo sa buhangin